Bhaderwah family opens doors to stranded Pune filmmaker, crew

‘This family is so friendly that we don’t miss our home, not for a single moment’
Bhaderwah family opens doors to stranded Pune filmmaker, crew

A Muslim family from here has presented an example of hospitality Jammu and Kashmir is known for by opening door for a Pune-based film maker's group which got stranded in Dooda district after sudden announcement of the lockdown across the country.

The documentary maker, NachiketGuttikar, along with his teammembers, Shamin Kulkarni and NinadDatar were planning to leave Bhadarwah valleyafter completing their shoot for a documentary when the lockdown was announced.

The filmmakers had arrived in the district on March 15 andthe crew was scheduled to board a flight back home from Jammu on March 25.However, due to the nationwide lockdown for 21 days, the group got stuck inBhadarwah.

"Not only were flights suspended, but even hotelsclosed doors on us. There was no public transport plying on the roads. With noplace to stay, we didn't know what to do," said Guttikar. "We were fortunateenough that the family at Gatha village graciously offered us to stay withthem."

"One thing which really moved us emotionally was thatafter two days of our stay, administration took us to hospital quarantine.Aazim (landlord's son) volunteered himself to stay with us for 14 days there sothat we won't feel alone. Perhaps this is Kashmiriat that we have heardabout," Nachiket said.

"It has been now 32 days since we have been stayingwith this Muslim family. They are so friendly that we don't miss our families,not for a single moment. I'm quite sure that one can ever experience this thingin any other part of the world. This is real Kashmir," said group member,Datar.

The family which offered their home to the travelersconsiders itself fortunate for getting an opportunity to help strangers in thetimes of crisis.

"It is not a favour. If tomorrow our children get stuck somewhere in similar kind ofcircumstances, someone will surely extend a helping hand to them. So my appealto everyone is that in the given circumstances, we should go an extra mile tohelp people in distress," said Nazim Malik, owner of the house.

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