'Doctor Apke Gaon guaranteeing doorstep accessibility of specialised healthcare in rural Kishtwar'

'Doctor Apke Gaon guaranteeing doorstep accessibility of specialised healthcare in rural Kishtwar'
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Kishtwar, Aug 25: The pioneering "Doctor Apke Gaon" initiative launched by the Health Department Kishtwar, under the visionary guidance of Deputy Commissioner, Dr. Devansh Yadav and closely supervised by CMO Dr. M Y Mir, has marked remarkable progress in the district. This groundbreaking initiative aims to bridge the healthcare gap for residents residing in remote areas, where the availability of specialists and healthcare infrastructure is limited.

The initiative involves the active participation of specialists from District Hospital and other Hospitals of the district. They conduct special screening camps with the provision of on-the-spot tests and health assessments in underserved regions.

To date, an impressive total of 7 mega Special Health Camps have been successfully organized across the district, namely at Navapachi Marwah, Inshan Warwan, Atholi Paddar, Suid Dachhan, Nali Bounjwah, Bhandera Kuntwara, and Chingam. During these camps, a total of 7189 patients received screening by specialists, with 1161 lab tests performed,439 ultrasounds and 23 ECGs conducted besides medicines distributed ,all  free of cost.

Additionally, 198 UDID (Unique Disability Identity) cards were issued to disabled individuals, ensuring accessibility, affordability and care right at their doorstep.

The "Doctor Apke Gaon" initiative is a beacon of hope for the elderly, disabled, impoverished, and pregnant women residing in remote areas. Often lacking the means to access premier healthcare centers for screenings, these individuals benefit immensely from the special camps. The initiative plays a crucial role in providing timely detection and intervention for various health concerns, including life-threatening conditions, which might otherwise go unnoticed due to the lack of health education and awareness in these regions.

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