NC workers accuse party legislator of embezzlement

National Conference workers from Marwah Monday accused their party legislator and senior party leaders of embezzlement.

While talking to media persons, the NC workers, led by JalilAhmed Malik, alleged, “The party leaders have failed us. They have looted themoney meant for us.”

“Around Rs 74 lakh Constituency Development Fund has beenshown to be utilised by our MLC in 2018. The amount has been released into theaccount of the kins of one of the party’s vice-president. The money has beenreleased without the execution of works,” they alleged.

They claimed that in a reply to an RTI, the RuralDevelopment department has revealed that “a huge amount has been released inthe name of NC leaders, who have been shown as vendors”.

“Besides, three Congress MLCs, 2 BJP MLCs and BJP MLA havealso spent CDF worth crores in Marwah, but no work has been executed onground,” they claimed.

While asking party President Omar Abdullah and theGovernor’s administration of probing the matter, the workers said, “Our ownleaders have cheated us. They must be held accountable.”

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