Security forces conduct ‘table-top exercise’ in Ramban

Security forces conduct ‘table-top exercise’ in Ramban
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Ramban, May 15: The security agencies deployed in Ramban conducted a ‘table-top exercise’ aimed at enhancing their situational awareness and readiness in responding to potential security threats.

The exercise was organised by the Army in partnership with representatives from paramilitary forces and the civil administration.

The exercise was designed to simulate real-life security scenarios and test the response plan of the participating security agencies.

It was an opportunity for the agencies to collaborate and coordinate their efforts, and to identify areas of improvement in their response strategy.

The exercise was conducted in a structured and organised manner, with a focus on improving coordination and communication aspects between the security forces.

The exercise was evaluated based on predefined criteria, and feedback was provided to each participating agency.

The follow-up actions would be taken based on the results of the exercise, including refining response plans, conducting additional training, and implementing corrective actions. The successful conduct of this ‘table-top exercise’ demonstrates the commitment of the security agencies in Ramban to ensuring the safety and security of the region.

It also highlights the importance of collaboration and coordination among these agencies in responding to potential security threats.

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