Amar Singh Club reaches out to senior citizens

Organises symposium on Healthy Ageing
Amar Singh Club reaches out to senior citizens
Special arrangement

Srinagar: The Managing Committee of Amar Singh Club in a major reach-out to senior citizens organised an Symposium on Healthy Ageing to discuss the challenges and needs of elders of the society.

The symposium was attended by special invitees and senior Club members. Amongst those who participated were Zaffer A Shah, Senior Advocate, Rouf Punjabi, Ibrahim Shahdad, Dr Abdul Majid Siraj, Dr T S Sethi, Saleem Beig, Er M S Sethi, Er SRS Madni, Mohammed Amin Kathwari, Shiekh Mehmood Akhtar, Sheikh Hafeez Akhtar, Er Farooq Wani, Er Bashir A Bhat, A M Wattali, Abdul Majeed Mattoo, Abdul Hamid Punjabi and others.

Experts from the Health Department included Dr Zubair Saleem, Geriatric Counsellor and Dr Naveed Nazir, Pulmonologist. Noted satire artiste Mr Zareef Ahmad Zareef also participated.

Dr Zubair Saleem shared his experiences of working with senior citizens and underlined the physiological, psychological and societal challenges faced by them. He stated that a distinction was required to be drawn between ageing and illness as these were two different things and required different managements. Dr Naveed Nazir threw light on the post-covid situation. Members posed questions about the complications and side effects of Covid and vaccinations.

Zaffer A Shah underlined the need for creation of facilities for the elderly which could tend exclusively to all their needs. He urged the participants that in view of most of them having discharged their responsibilities towards their families, it was perhaps time to collectively contribute towards the needs of the society.

Dr Abdul Majid Siraj welcomed the suggestion of Shah and stated that it was indeed the need of the hour. Dr Siraj informed the participants that he had already built one hospital/home for the elderly in London and would be more than happy to be part of any endeavour towards this in Srinagar.

Mohammed Ibrahim Shahdad gave a lecture on the importance of physical fitness and the need to be mentally strong in order to age healthily. He shared his life experiences with the participants and urged them to stay active and positive whatever the situation may be.

Saleem Beig thanked the management of Amar Singh Club for this reach out and said that the interaction had provided valuable inputs which could provide critical direction for assisting in healthy ageing.

Presenting the vote of thanks to the participants, Nasir Hamid Khan, Honorary Secretary of Amar Singh Club thanked the participants for sparing their time for this important subject and giving valuable suggestions on the subject. He stated that it is an accepted fact that people are now living longer. He said the objective of this event is to facilitate a meaningful interaction as the Club benefits from harnessing the vast wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences stored within the brilliant minds of our elders. In return, we shall be happy to assist in steps aimed at facilitating their improved quality of life.

On behalf of the Managing Committee of Amar Singh Club, Khan assured the participants of full support and assistance. He also gave special thanks to Dr Mustaq A Rather, Director of Health Department Kashmir who had provided experts and other support for the Symposium.

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