Authorities fail to restore defunct drainage system in Srinagar

Authorities fail to restore defunct drainage system in Srinagar
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Srinagar: Authorities have failed to restore defunct drainage system in the summer capital resulting in damage to roads due to waterlogging.

The residents from various areas in Srinagar said that even if the roads are macadamized, these get damaged due to waterlogging caused by defunct drainage system. Bashir Ahmad, a local from Batapora Hazratbal, said that the defunct drainage at the main Batapora-Shalimar has damaged the road there.

“Authorities are failing to devise a solution to the drainage issue in our areas. For over a year, the defunct drainage has been damaging the road in our area. Despite it being macadamised, all spillover water from drains is destroying the road. Now the authorities have put up a dewatering system at the road, but the road has never been repaired, neither has the drain been fixed,” said Bashir Ahmad.

The residents from the downtown area and uptown areas are also complaining about the issue of how roads are being damaged due defunct drainage system.

“There is already the issue of dilapidated roads in our locality. In our area, there are multiple defunct drains that are affecting the roads. With new drainage projects in progress, we hope that the issue will be addressed accordingly,” said Zahoor Ahmad, a local from Downtown.

In addition to the defunct drainage system, the locals at Hazratbal outskirts say that the lack of a drainage system is also taking a toll on the roads in their area. They said in absence of proper drainage in their area, they are facing waterlogging issues and bad condition of roads.

“We have no drainage on the main road and in the lanes of our colonies. Recently, we had a hand pump leakage on the main road, and with no drainage, the road was waterlogged for a long time. Following the issue, the road is now in shambles. Had there been a proper drainage system, this issue would not have occurred,” said Shahid Ahmad, a local from Ibrahaim Colony Burzahama.

Greater Kashmir did a series of stories on the issue of roads and drainage in Srinagar. Senior officials from Srinagar Smart City said their focus is now on downtown and other areas of Srinagar. They said multiple road and drainage projects are ongoing and in the pipeline, which will address the issue.

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