First Sub-Committee of Parliament OL reviews Rajbhasha implementation at NIT Srinagar

Srinagar: First Sub-Committee of the Parliamentary Official Language (OL) Committee on Monday conducted a comprehensive examination of Rajbhasha implementation at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar.

The meeting was hosted by the Border Security Forces (BSF) Kashmir, took place at The Lalit Srinagar. It was attended by esteemed members of First Sub-Committee of the Parliamentary OL Committee. Director of NIT Srinagar, Prof. (Dr.) Sudhakar Yedla, and the Institute’s Registrar, Prof. Syed Kaiser Bukhari, were also present.

Hindi Officer Dr. R.P. Shukla who oversees the Rajbhasha Cell, AR (Admin) Mohammad Iqbal Dar, AR Legal, Mohamad Hazik and Hindi Translator Dr. Sabzar Ahmad Batoo participated in the meeting.

During the event, First Sub-Committee of the Parliamentary OL members proposed various measures to enhance Rajbhasha’s implementation on the campus. NIT Srinagar was granted an additional one-year timeframe to achieve its assigned goals.

Director NIT, Prof. Yedla, who is the Chairman of the Official Language Implementation Committee (OLIC), expressed a commitment to consider all suggestions for the improvement of official language implementation.

It is worth noting that NIT Srinagar has successfully achieved a 43 percent implementation of Rajbhasha, and this year, 31 aspirants from the institute have excelled in the Prabodh Course.

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