Paras Hospital Srinagar offers round-the-clock stroke services, advanced neurosurgical care

Paras Hospital Srinagar offers round-the-clock stroke services, advanced neurosurgical care
Dr Hilal Ahmad Ganaie

Srinagar: Paras Hospital, a leading healthcare facility in Srinagar is offering their round-the-clock stroke services, providing immediate access to critical care for stroke patients.

The hospital's comprehensive stroke services include 24x7 MRI stroke protocol imaging, Stroke ICU facilities, and urgent thrombolysis and thrombectomy services, ensuring that stroke patients receive timely and effective treatment round the clock.

Talking to Greater Kashmir, Associate Director Paras Health Srinagar Neurology and Neuro intervention, Dr. Hilal Ahmad Ganaie said the hospital provides routine Digital Subtraction Angiographies (DSAs) and Carotid stenting procedures, along with Aneurysm coiling, eliminating the need for patients to seek such services out of state.

"Moreover, Paras Hospital boasts a team of highly skilled specialists in the field of neurology and neurosurgery. Three consultant neurologists specializing in stroke care are available at all times, along with four experienced neurosurgeons," he said.

These include Dr Altaf Ramzan, former Head of the Department of Neurosurgery, and Dr Basharat Kant, both renowned for their expertise in the field.

The hospital is also equipped to handle emergency procedures such as External Ventricular Drainages (EVDs) and Decompressive Craniectomies, in addition to a wide range of brain surgeries.

The Paras Hospital's 24x7 stroke services and advanced neurosurgical capabilities are set to benefit the local community by ensuring that patients no longer need to travel out of state for critical neurological treatments.

With a team of experienced specialists and state-of-the-art facilities, Paras Hospital is poised to become a hub for comprehensive neurocare, delivering life-saving services when they are needed most.

"We have an expert team of doctors available here and from the past few months we have seen that the patients who would earlier go outside Jammu and Kashmir for their treatment now visit Paras hospital. These people do not have time but have money and can afford the treatment at private hospitals," Dr Ganaie said.

Notably, the introduction of 24x7 stroke services and advanced neurosurgical care at Paras Hospital marks a significant step towards improving healthcare accessibility for neurological conditions in the region.

"Other Neurological services including treatment of Parkinsonism and other movement disorders, treatment of Dementia, seizure, Pediatric neurological disorders, brain infections, Nerve and Muscle disorders along with headaches are available at the Paras hospital," he said.

Dr Ganaie has been keenly interested, associated and worked on Neurology patients since 2010 and has experience of managing more than 10,000 Neurology patients and can handle and manage any neurological emergency as well.

He has an advanced experience and Training of Stroke and vascular Neurology and is the first person to do NEUROINTERVENTION fellowship from J&K.

"I have done 20 carotid stentings independently for the first time in Kashmir and all were successful and have done more than 2000 diagnostic cerebral angiographies and over 25 Spinal angiographies without any complication," he said.

He said remained associated in a team for aneurysmal coiling with neurosurgery SKIMS in more than 40 cases and has done more than 200 Thrombolysis and Assisted in around 50 mechanical Thrombectomy and independently done 10 mechanical Thrombectomy for acute stroke cases in Artemis Gurgaon.

"I started Neurology IPD and OPD at District Hospital Anantnag and bedside EEG in Anantnag district Hospital," he said.

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