‘Remove haphazardly placed cables from poles within 15 days’

SMC directs cable operators, telecom service providers
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Srinagar: Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) on Thursday directed telecom service providers and cable operators to remove the haphazardly placed wires, lines, cables, junction boxes and other utilities above ground within 15 days.

In a public notice issued by SMC Commissioner Athar Aamir Khan, the cable operators and telecom service providers have been warned that the cables will be disconnected at their risk and responsibility if they fail to remove these with 15 days.

“Whereas it has been observed that various telecom service operators, internet providers, local cable network operators etc have laid cables / wires, OFCs. junction boxes, utilities etc in a very unorganised and haphazard manner along various roads / areas/ streets in Srinagar City. Whereas these cables/ wires lines/ junction boxes are mostly dangling from electric poles and in some cases rolls are lying on the ground underneath the poles and in some cases these rolls are shattered all along the roads / streets. Whereas these haphazardly put cables / wires / utilities / lines / junction boxes have created a public nuisance besides being dangerous to life and property as well as making the city aesthetically poor,” the notice reads.

“Whereas the telecom service operators/ providers and local cable network operators have time and again been instructed / directed to reorganize these cables /wires / lines/ junction boxes /utilities in an ordered manner following the protocols & norms.. Whereas the telecom service operators/ internet providers and local cable network operators and other such entities responsible for putting these wires, cables etc have failed to do so. and these haphazardly put cables, wires, lines etc continue to create public nuisance and pose threat to public life in Srinagar city.”

It states that whereas, in terms of The JAMMU AND KASHMIR MUNICIPAL CORPORATION ACT, 2000 as amended from time to time; nuisance includes, 'any act, omission, place, animal or a thing which causes or is likely to cause injury, danger, annoyance or offence to the sense of sight, smell or hearing or disturbance to rest or sleep or which is or may be dangerous to life or injurious to health or property".

“Whereas placing of cables/wires/OFCs in such a manner as explained creates a public nuisance and is hazardous to life and property. Now therefore all the telecom service operators/ internet providers and local cable network operators and other such entities responsible for putting these wires, cables etc are hereby given a final opportunity to remove these wires/ lines / cables / junction boxes/ utilities etc within 15 days from the issue of this notice. Failing which Srinagar Municipal Corporation will disconnect/ remove these cables / lines / Wires / junction boxes / utilities etc at the risk and cost of the concerned telecom service providers / internet operators/ cable operators. Any new laying of cables shall be done only after getting requisite permissions, clearances and following due protocols and norms applicable,” the notice reads.

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