Maintaining family peace
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Maintaining family peace

Let the challenge be faced at the societal level

The effects of lockdown in different segments of life are being discussed at local, national, and international levels. Experts of different fields are coming up with detailed explanations of the problems, and also the solution to these. One such area, that is not so frequently discussed, is the family health.

It is the first experience of the people around the globe to remain confined to homes, and restrict physical contact within family, for such a long time. In many ways it brought the families together and infused new life into the relationships at the familial level.

In this world of break neck speed, and individual engagements, this could not have been even thought of. In the urban settings it was seldom that families got together. But this has a downside in many cases.

Talking to clinical psychologists, or practicing psychiatrists, there have been many cases of domestic violence that have come to fore during this period. Similarly the cases of child abuse have been reported.

Now this is something that is very painful. At a time when most of the families are under stress because of the hit taken by the economic well being, the discord within families can lead to a complete ruin.

At a time when children are confined to homes, missing their classes, their peers, and the activities at their schools, they need extra care. But if in this situation there are cases of child abuse, the society should take a serious note of it. In a society like ours in Kashmir it is the job of the elders in the family to maintain calm, and also create an atmosphere that is healthy, and relieving.

It is also for the elders in the neighbourhood to find out why such problems are occurring in any family. If the reasons are economic, we should come forward and help such families. If it emanates from some psychological troubles, someone saner minds around need to council such families. Let the challenge be faced at the societal level. 

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