Editorial | A secure atmosphere in hospitals

That is the least doctors and paramedics can can ask for
Editorial | A secure atmosphere in hospitals
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Even in normal days our hospitals are overloaded, and the staff working there is faced with multiple challenges on that count. Doctors, paramedics, and other associated staff work under tremendous pressure in our hospitals, given the rush of patients, and the limited resources. What complicates the situation for them is the attitude of some people, who don't understand how a hospital functions, or how doctors are supposed to deliver their duties. That is why we intermittently have news reports bout unpleasant exchange between doctors and patients, or their attendants. Sometimes it really turns ugly where the hospital staff is manhandled. On all such occasions a blame game ensues.  On the one hand attendants and patients accuse doctors and the hospital staff of not doing their duties properly, and on the other, doctors blame attendants of being rude and non-cooperative. We are all familiar with such instances. Apart from other reasons there are some psychological, and attitudinal factors that result in such unpleasant incidents. In the long run how to deal with such things is a matter of going back to our societal behaviour, levels of education, and conduct of a professional duty. It's not just about the shortage of resource, human or material. In covid times there is hardly any time or energy left for such problems that are perennial and deep seated. But when such an incident happens in present crisis, it acquires an added dimensions.

We all know that this pandemic has brought all our systems of governance under tremendous strain, and topping the list is healthcare. Doctors and paramedics are working under dangerous conditions, and we have had many doctors lose lives during this pandemic just because they were treating the infected patients. In such circumstances when doctors in our hospitals are struggling with the shortage of resources, and at the same braving this terrible spike in infected cases, we need to provide them a secure atmosphere. That is the least they can ask for. In any particular case no one can exonerate a doctor unless investigation is conducted, but normally the government should ensure that doctors are not overburdened, and the interface between them and the patients is unproblematic. In the present circumstances our hospitals and the staff working there need extra attention.

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