Editorial | Srinagar was a city

From the congested roads to congested residential colonies there is nothing in this city that is not suffocating
Editorial | Srinagar was a city
Aerial view of Srinagar City / GK Photo

Now it looks like an urban chaos, and that is it. There is nothing left in the city, called Srinagar, that could inspire a person, and motivate him to live here. Those who are living here, and we know it is now a huge population, are living here because they have no other option.  It is not a hyperbole to call it an unlivable place. Anyone who lives in this city, or comes to this place for routine work, can understand how chaotic this city has become. From the congested roads to congested residential colonies there is nothing in this city that is not suffocating. The dusty markets, and choked interiors can tell you a horrible tale. There are huge houses everywhere in the city but the roads leading to these are too narrow for even a mid sized car to pass through comfortably.

There are hardly any spaces where people could breath freely. There are no places where the children could go and play. There are absolutely no spaces for the womenfolk. The old city, where some decades back we had ample spaces in each mohalla where we could breath as a society, no longer exists. A drive through the interiors of the city can tell you how crowded the city has become. The main market places in the city are so disorganised that  people would rather prefer no to shop there. The pavements for the pedestrians are gone, the parking lots are few and those too are mismanaged, the traffic plying on the roads is so problematic that people cannot safely walk. In all this how can you go to a market that is noisy, crowded, and dusty. Now take the case of public transport. People living in the proximity of the city centre know how gruelling it is to wait for the public transport and how much time it takes to cover a distance of a kilometre or two. This is the Srinagar of today that we call a historic city.  Unless some radical steps are taken to change the face of this city, it will one day become a hell for its dwellers. Some thing really revolutionary needs to be done by the government to restore the glory of this city.

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