Editorial | Weather dependant connectivity

The areas like Gurez and Tangdar must have all weather surface connectivity
Editorial | Weather dependant connectivity
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There are layers of disconnect, and consequent isolations, for some people living in the valley of Kashmir. The overall isolation of the valley of Kashmir from the rest of the world is something we have been talking about for decades; the problem stands where it was ages back. But there are certain areas on the margins of the Kashmir valley that are faced with multiple isolations; these areas are even cut off form the mainland valley. The areas like Gurez, and Tangdar are without any dependable, all weather surface connectivity that could join them with the respective district headquarters. So the people living in these areas are literally thrown into a months long isolation with no way to travel outside. And then these are the areas where we have no air connectivity. In case some calamity hits these areas, like snow avalanches, there are hardly any means of rescue. The normal course of life is also beset with hardships. In case of any healthcare emergency these people are at the mercy of the Almighty. If any shortages are faced in the essentials there is no way it can be addressed. So whatever is in the stock should suffice. And then the freezing temperatures. One can only imagine the hardships the people living in these areas face.

The question is simple; why these areas cannot have an all weather surface connectivity. Why cannot we have tunnels that could make it possible. We have been raising this issues for years now, but none seems to heed. After all these populations have the same rights as that of the others. Why should they suffer all their lives, for generations together. There must some concern for these unfortunate people, and someone in the government should take up this matter seriously. Making mere announcements won't do. There must be some real  headway on the ground. These areas deserve to be connected through tunnels so that  winters don't throw them into isolation. In the darkness that surrounds their lives, some light should travel through tunnels. The modern technology has made it possible, so why not make the lives of these people easy.

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