A given winter task

One can expect that people face least problems in the days ahead, and the roads are cleared in minimum time possible
A given winter task

Snowfall is never a sudden, and unexpected affair. We all know, when is the time for winter to set in, and when it can snow. We have an experience of ages, and there is no special knowledge needed to prepare for winters. If anything has happened in last decades it is that technology has made things easier for us. We know in advance when exactly it is going to rain, or snow. Any turn in weather is now known before hand. But the government here is a special creature. It is, most of the times, caught off guard on these matters.

A slightly heavier snowfall throws everything out of gear in Kashmir. And the only excuse is that it happened suddenly, and the things were not in place. That is so ridiculous, to say the least. Where is the element of surprise in a snowfall when we know that winter is here. What is so unexpected in a snowfall when we know that every year it snows. And what is so novel in a heavy snowfall when every other year we have a heavy snowfall.

So this excuse is actually no excuse, and it only makes the relevant departments a laughing stock. The news is that the government, this time around, has prepared a special plan for snow clearance of some 17000 kms road surface. So good to hear this.

Though the actual criticism against the government stands - on not having a permanent, ever ready, scientific, professional, and laced with latest technology plan - it is still a matter of relief if there is a plan, up and ready, for the coming snowfall.

We can expect that the plan is really effective, and is executed right in time, with maximum degree of efficiency. One can expect that people face least problems, and the roads are cleared in minimum time possible. In clearing the roads what is also to be taken care of is not to damage the road surface. After all technology has made great strides and today's machinery is far more sophisticated than it used to be.

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