A global concern

One can only hope that the leadership of the world takes serious steps to ensure peaceful existence.
A global concern

The way things are shaping up the human security scenario of the world, one is genuinely fearful about the fate of future of generations.

Ever since the birth of these two power blocks in the world the relations between various nation-states were bedeviled by the kind of ideas and purposes the two blocks promoted to push their sphere of influence. The age old biases, and some corporate narratives were frantically employed to turn the atmosphere toxic.

The topnotch leadership of the world, ever since the formation of transnational institutions like the UN, could not have, in any case, wanted that such be the fate of this globe.

It is extremely unfortunate that the political leadership, the inter-state institutions, and the larger civil society formations around the globe have not been able to change the course of things post de-colonization.

The atmosphere of fierce economic and strategic animosity exists the same way as it was in the times of the cold war that followed the WWII. It is this atmosphere that has imperiled the lives of vast populations in many countries around the globe. Just a cursory look at the history of the modern world gives an idea of how devastating it has been.

Multiple wars fought, borders becoming the graveyards of human relationships and the military competition among the power blocks making even the oceans as battle grounds; all this is a manifestation of fundamental flaw in the way great powers look at the world of their interests.

The question in all this is the same that many saner elements in the world have been asking; where would all this lead us to, finally. Just imagine, in case things slip out of hand, and anywhere in the world there is a full scale military confrontation what would happen.

In the times we live in, the lethality of the military complex sends shivers down the spine. Momentarily, also keep in mind that there are many countries having nuclear weapons. That is total annihilation. Even if only non nuclear weaponry is unleashed it means an unimaginable loss of life and property. In such a situation one can only hope that the leadership of the world takes serious steps to ensure peaceful existence.

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