A government in need

The concerned officials must assess the losses, identify the victims, and prepare a detailed map to help restore such families
A government in need

In last some days we had multiple incidences of fires where many houses were turned to ashes. Now in such chilly times, what must have befallen those who lost their shelter and all belongings; one can only imagine the plight. It is so hard to place oneself in their stead and feel the suffering. For these people, constructing a new house and arranging the stuff that is needed for life, is not an easy task.

Here the role of the society at large comes into play. It is the moral obligation of the immediate relatives, friends, and neighbours to take care of such victims. Apart from that the philanthropic and charity organisations, who work for the needy, must come forward and extend whatever help they can. This help, one must underline, should be provided away from the limelight and also in a manner that serves the purpose.

Charity, philanthropy and societal welfare has now become an organised and rule based activity, and the organisations who are working amidst us should be mindful of all this. They must learn the professional and principled ways of raising resources and then distributing it among the needy. But as we have generally seen, in all such cases these organisations can come to the rescue of victims to an extent, and not beyond.

Their resource base is not so deep and wide that they can fully restore and rehabilitate the families who have lost shelter and belongings. So the role of the government is central in this case.

The concerned officials must come into action and depute filed staff to assess the loss, identify the victims, and prepare a detailed map to help restore such families. What can immediately be done is to arrange some good shelter where such families can be housed, and there is a worthwhile arrangement for heating.

Till the time new houses are built, and the families are provided the necessary assistance to get the household stuff, there must the provision of shelter and food for all these families. In fact government must have shelters always ready for such eventualities.