Academic Leadership

Appointing the heads of universities should be guided by just one consideration - merit
Academic Leadership

University is considered as the highest seat of learning. It is here that professionals for various streams of academics, administration, and industry are produced.

So, in a way, university is a place where high-end managers, administrators, and leaders are produced. The importance of this institution doesn’t need any elaboration. But the question that stares us in the face is; are the universities in J&K being run the way our times demand.

To ensure that universities in J&K perform upto the mark, it is crucial to have a dynamic leadership. It matters a lot, in case of an institution like university, that who heads it. An efficient, dynamic, and energetic leadership infuses life in a campus, and it reflects in every department of a university.

Unfortunately, we have seen that in our universities the selection of vice chancellors has faced different problems.

Based on past experience, about the selection of university heads, one would expect that those at the helm will take note of earlier problems and work hard to ensure that the appointment of a VC is done in a smooth and professional manner. There are certain things that need to be always kept in mind, and given due consideration.

One, there should be no unnecessary delays in appointing a VC, because that impinges negatively on the functioning of a university. Two, the process of selection should be absolutely transparent, and all the rules and regulations should be followed.

Third, the criteria for selection should be academic credentials of a person, and the global exposure. Fourth, the appointment of a VC should not be subservient to the academic-bias about various streams. It should not be seen through the prism of academic caste-system; that one discipline is superior to other.

All streams of knowledge are equally important and we have best minds and able personalities spread over academic disciplines. Fourth, the appointment of a VC should be above the divisions, and groupings, that are sometimes found on a campus.

Fifth, there should be no ‘politics’ attached to the appointment of a VC, and it should be merit alone that should matter. One can hope that the people at the helm keep all these points in mind while appointing VCs for the universities in J&K.

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