Age of Extremes

It is time when well meaning sections of global society came forward and fought extremism in every form
Age of Extremes

When the tussle between two global blocks was peaking and the international politics was divided into Capitalist and Communist blocks, there were swathes of populated regions that became a target of violence.

People died in hundreds of thousands, and the global economy lost trillions to this endless battle. The projection of the two blocks, and the propaganda that ensued, infused hate and detestation towards each other.

That is how wars and insurgencies were defended. This way the world was torn into pieces and an extremist mindset ruled the world. Somehow the world came out of that dichotomy and we thought the times for more peaceful condition were to welcome us. But unfortunately, the global military complex, crafted other reasons to continue wars, and fuel violence.

As if this was not enough to destroy the world, we have some hate filled ideas that are now spreading fast. These ideologies are riding on the waves of some extreme forms of politics and this way a deadly brew is prepared.

We have seen it globally that how communities, who lived together for centuries, are falling apart. This is a deadly phenomenon, and can any time turn into a widespread violence. Looking at the world, and the times, we can apprehend another age of extremes ready to consume lives.

In this situation it is the duty of the thinking class to fight these divisive ideas, and explain the fundamental unity of mankind. We are all a single family and the major religions, and civilisations, proudly own this idea.

If that is the case, where is the scope for demonising the other, and justify any kind of violence unleashed on others. To this end, it is the obligation of religious, cultural, intellectual, and political leaders to come forward and stop such trends from taking root. If we have to live peacefully, and if economy has to thrive, a stable society, and an accommodative politics is a must for that. This is time when well meaning sections of global society should come forward and fight extremism in every form.

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