As it showers an extra drop

Our drainage system doesn't suffice when it pours
As it showers an extra drop

The winters are here, and with this people in the valley are bound to face some perennial problems. The cold, and the health issues associated with it.

The electricity outages, and the inconveniences attached to it. The closure of roads, and the agony that comes with it. The list doesn't end here. There are many more, and one of the problems is the overflowing drains.

We just had a day or two of rains, and we all saw how some of the main markets, and roads, were filled with water. Not only this, there are areas in Srinagar where the blowback results in water logging of private compounds.

This is not the first time we have faced this problem of overflowing of the drains. The question that we have been always asking is why there is no sufficient arrangement in place that can ensure that the water is drained out quickly, and there is no overflowing. After all it is a given that rains would happen, and there would be more water than usual to be drained out.

The pump stations that are in place in many areas are not equipped enough to deal with this situation. In case electricity goes, and in harsh weather conditions there are disruptions in electricity, these pump stations stop functioning.

Though these pump stations have generators that run on diesel, but we have often seen that on all such occasions these pump station stop functioning. The reasons may be known better to those who man such stations. But there should be a strict vigil on all such pump stations, especially when it rains.

Since in most of the areas in Srinagar city, especially in the civil lines, we have to lift the water in drains, it flows back once the engines stop working. Though there are some pump stations where sumps have been installed to hold the extra water, but there are still many areas where there is no arrangement for retaining this extra water. The concerned departments need to seriously look into this matter.

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