Crime against women
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Crime against women

Society also needs to play its role to stop the trend

The gruesome murder of a woman at Soibugh in Budgam district has shocked the people. The accused has been arrested and according to police he confessed to have killed the woman. Further investigations into the case are in progress. It is the responsibility of both the authorities and the society to take a serious note of this trend of crime against women. Be it like the incidents that of Soibugh or domestic violence or any other crime against women, this trend has to be stopped. Women should get a safe environment in the society.

They should not be victims of such crimes. The society has to play an important role in this direction. It is the duty of family heads to bring up the young male members in family in such a way so that they respect women; not only at home but outside also and do not indulge in any criminal activities. It has been noticed that such guidance is not available to a number of youngsters at home.

This guidance is very imperative and has to be provided at family level. The message must get internalised that females are to be respected, and crime against them is unacceptable. The basic training of values comes from a family. Then the teachers in schools and other educational institutions must also play their role in making the students to understand the importance of providing a safe and secured atmosphere for women. At every level in the society, efforts should be made for providing a safe environment for women.

The harassment and inconvenience to women at workplaces, educational institutions, and public transport must come to an end. Those who indulging in such acts must be strictly dealt with. Such incidents are unacceptable in any civilised society including ours. By and large the society here has been always safeguarding and respecting women, ensuring their safety and rights.

That is why the preference is also given to women education. Women can excel in different fields if society continues to provide them a safe environment to flourish. For that, the crimes against women will have to come to an end. Sometimes, there are incidents that demoralise women. Such incidents should not occur. Strict measures should be taken to stop the occurrence of such incidents.

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