Deepening power crisis

Power crisis are deepening with every passing day now. There is an immediate need to take effective steps so that the problem is solved at the earliest. Otherwise, the scenario can be more grim during the winter months.

The generation from the hydroelectric power projects has drastically gone down due to decreasing water level in rivers. The power being purchased from outside is unable to meet the demand. According to Kashmir Power Development Corporation Limited (KPDCL) officials, the present peak demand is that of 1900 MW, while the available supply is only 1300 MW. Due to the shortage of 600 MW, the KPDCL is resorting to load shedding beyond the already announced power curtailment schedule.

The schedule was released some time back. The consumers were expecting that the schedule would be strictly adhered to and that there would be no further power cuts. But this did not happen. The consumers are facing lot of inconvenience due to power shortage. Reports say the power crisis is also affecting the local economy by causing a decline in production and business. On the other hand officials say that government is suffering substantial losses due to power purchase bills as the revenue collected from consumers is falling far short of power purchase expenditure.

The power development department must see to it as to how the challenges on power front are met. Strategies have to be chalked out and executed for better results. The power crisis during autumn and winter are not something new. These are there for decades now. But no permanent solution was found out to resolve the crisis.

New power projects were not established in the state sector as per the requirement. The huge potential for hydroelectric power remained untapped. If the potential is effectively used, J&K would become self-sufficient in power and then export the power to other states also to generate more revenue. If it was not done in the past, it should be done now.

The under-construction projects must be also completed speedily. All steps must be taken so that the consumers get better power supply, particularly during the winter.

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