Dipping Temperature

In view of the increasing cold in Kashmir, there is an immediate need to provide heating arrangements in the schools. Without wasting any time, this facility must be made available in classrooms. Reports indicate that because of the dip in mercury level, the school children shiver in schools.

There is a demand from parents to the school authorities for providing heating arrangements in their respective educational institutions. The health of the children should not get affected due to exposure to the cold inside classrooms. For that necessary steps must be taken in government and private schools.

According to reports, a number of school buildings are in a bad shape. The doors, windows, and walls have got damaged over the years. The children are more vulnerable to cold in such buildings. Necessary repairs should be done to protect students from the cold. Several schools are operating in under construction buildings. The construction work of such schools was not completed for years together, forcing authorities to operate classes from these incomplete buildings.

Announcing winter vacation for schools is the prerogative of the Directorate of School Education keeping in view various factors. But till the vacations begin, the schools must have adequate heating arrangements. The officials must not wait for winter vacations.

They must provide heating arrangements at the earliest. While the whole Kashmir is under the grip of cold right now, the cold is more intense in upper reaches. The schools operating there or in the neighbouring areas must have been provided heating arrangements much in advance. There is a need to undergo a change regarding general thinking about functioning of schools. There may be some who believe that in past the schools were operating without any heating arrangements and that providing such a facility now is not that important also.

But is it proper to make children shiver and feel uncomfortable in classrooms amid the intense cold? All fields and sectors in life have undergone a change for good and there is improvement at all levels. What is wrong in bringing such an improvement in classrooms also in cold by providing heating arrangements? Every year funds should be allocated properly for heating arrangements in classrooms. Bringing improvement in schools at all levels is important for providing better conditions for the children there.

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