Editorial | A global conflagration

There is a global stress in terms of where the economy and the politics are going.
Editorial | A global conflagration
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For last some years the world was struggling to find some non-violent solution to the long pending conflicts, like the one in Afghanistan. There were also attempts to somehow solve the problems in Syria and Yemen. Then the focus shifted from the Middle East to the Far East; into the South China sea. Although it was brewing up for quite some time now, but certain developments gave it a flip and the conflict that primarily involves the US and China started showing visible signs of falling into the abyss of violence. As it was going on, becoming the central contest in today's power politics, another violent clash erupted in Caucasus.

This military conflict over a disputed strip between Azerbaijan and Armenia again made the global powers align in opposing blocks.  As all these conflicts are going on, with no signs of any permanent solution to any of the clashes anywhere, the world is plunging into deep waters of mistrust, conflict, and consequent violent clashes. Over and above we have this extra-ordinary healthcare crisis we now know as Covid-19. People are suffering from this everywhere in the world and there is no treatment available now, and not in the immediate future. In this scenario, when we have these active and potential conflicts dotted all over the world, and the pandemic has devastated economies, there is a grave threat of mankind going in the wrong direction. There is a global stress in terms of where the economy and the politics are going. There is no global leadership in sight that could come forward and steer the crisis ridden world in a direction that takes it away from these violent tendencies. Instead we have some leaderships that do all to the contrary. Rather than promoting a cooperative attitude we find many countries contributing to the escalation of conflicts. At a time when we have hi-tech militaries on all the borders and the range of weapons accumulated over the decades are enough to destroy this world many times over, one shudders to think about the future of our children in case some global military confrontation breaks out.

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