Editorial | Skill oriented courses

Those who take these courses need some handholding after the completion of course
Editorial | Skill oriented courses

Today's education is not just about familiarising children with what traditionally travels through generations. It is not even about a slew of established disciplines in science, social science, language and literature.  It has gone beyond all this. There are now deep and vibrant connections between industry, markets and education. Around the world we have universities and colleges introducing new courses to deepen this integration between industry and market, on the one hand, and education and research, on the other. In our part of the world we have had experts always point this out that our education system should orient itself with the changing trends. It must learn to adjust its content and delivery systems to the emerging demands of market and industry. That is the only way we can create new jobs, and absorb our degree holders, and researchers, in the networks of employment. It is now a beaten line that government cannot accommodate all educated youth that complete degrees in colleges and universities.

The existing avenues of jobs are too little to meet the challenge of rising employment. Even if government creates more jobs by putting in more resource into its governance structures, that is no answer to the problem that is as huge as unemployment is. So how do we solve this problem, and create new means of livelihood. The world has found answer not in creating more posts in government departments, or raising new departments. The answer has come from equipping students with different skills that allow them to enter into markets and make a niche for themselves. In a nutshell there is a need to impart different skills to our students so that they can independently establish themselves in the emerging industrial and service sector. This way we open up new means of livelihood and also address the problem of over dependence on government employment. Not only this, we open up the doors of markets and industries around the world for our students. If government has decided to introduce skill development courses, it is very much required. But those who undergo these courses need some handholding after the completion of course. This, for the purpose of guiding them into finding some worthwhile economic engagement within, and around the globe.

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