Equality is the foundation

Equality is the foundation

We are all born equal and we must have equal chances to grow – socially, economically, and politically

It forms the bedrock of a stable, and flourishing society. Not just that, the value of equality is central to political governance, and also for economic enterprise. It doesn’t mean that the idea of difference is wiped out. It doesn’t mean that everyone should get the same, regardless of what he or she is capable of doing, and actually does. The differential of capability and performance will always stay if a human society has to work efficiently.

The idea of equality means that we should ensure that everyone is considered equal in him, or her, being a human being. No superiority should be claimed on the bases of race, ethnicity, religion, economic status, or gender. It also means that equal opportunities to grow and perform should be made available to all. Unfortunately, in our societies there are huge barriers of discrimination.

Howsoever we claim that the modern education has liberated us from the obscurantist notions of superiority, we still carry the old burden on our minds. We are not ready to shun the ideas and notions of superiority when it comes to conducting our day to day societal and economic relations. This is a sad state of affairs.

On part of government not enough is being done to change the fate of the economically marginalised and socially underprivileged. Though the Directive Principles of the Constitution lay enough emphasis on equality, the actual manifestation in the organs of governance is not satisfactory.

The laws and statutes that have been framed time to time have contributed hugely in taking the benefits of progress to lower levels, but much needs to be done. In Kashmir, though the society is largely egalitarian, the notions of superiority, and the actual differences of economy, are posing a threat to the societal balance.

It is a bounden duty of a government to create opportunities for all those sections of society that currently feel left out. For this, special programmes and schemes need to announced. Over and above, the general attitude of our society needs to undergo a change. We are all born equal, and we must have equal chances to grow – socially, economically, and politically.

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