For a stable society

It is only a stress free society that nurtures a peaceful and prosperous future
For a stable society

A closer look at our society gives us a very depressing story. The crises at multiple levels have badly affected the relationships that usually cement a society together. This ruin in relationships finally tells upon the personality of an individual, turning him, or her, into a disturbed soul. And this disturbance at individual level then further contributes to the failure of relationships. This way a vicious cycle is formed, and we have no route to escape.

Last almost two years have further compounded the problem by hitting economy in an unprecedented manner. People in numbers lost jobs, and those who somehow managed to carry on with different private sector organisations had to face cuts in their income. This loss, or curtailment, of livelihood brought loads of stress to an already tense society. The negative effects of this need no explanation.

Over and above the compulsive distancing from each other didn’t allow people to unburden themselves. It is a normal human practice that in any stressful situation talking to near one’s has a tremendous relaxing effect. Cumulatively, our society has suffered a lot during these two years.

The question in front of the government now is to prevent this societal suffering turning into any kind of a prolonged crisis. To this end, some concrete steps must be taken. The most important is to restore the economic well being of private sector, and ensure that those who lost jobs during this pandemic are engaged as soon as possible. Learning the lessons from this pandemic, there is a need to make private sector more responsible. The economies of people working in this sector should not be so vulnerable.

There has to be some built in safety measures. To this end government needs to provide this sector with some emergency cushion. If the role of private sector is reimagined, and its functioning is restructured, keeping in view the experiences of last two years, the foundation of a stable society can be laid. It is only a stable society that nurtures a peaceful and prosperous future.

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