Global Meets

If rich countries don’t come to the rescue of the poorer countries, the curse of inflation cannot be warded off
Global Meets

As the global leaders meet, and discuss matters related to their respective spheres of power and influence, the people around the globe are expecting some changes in the post covid world. Ever since this pandemic hit the world the mankind is wallowing in crises of multiple kinds.

There are swathes of human population around the globe that are still to be vaccinated. There are many governments that are short of resources to arrange vaccination for their citizens. The pressure that the pandemic brought on the health sector of the world, especially the developing and the underdeveloped world, is all too evident.

Almost all the economies have taken a nosedive and people in large numbers have suffered; it is incumbent on the global leaders to think of some practical measures to mitigate the sufferings of people on that count.

It is true that these global meets are mostly about economic cooperation, about corporate synergies, about military alliances, and about regional and international power sharing, but it is time that the global leaders take the post-pandemic crises, faced by almost all countries, into account.

Not just that, they must give priority to it. It is now a matter of prime concern for most of the countries that the prices are going up. The way inflation has hit the masses in many countries is really unprecedented. And the reasons of this inflation are mostly global.

As long as the oil prices are high, the upward spiral of inflation cannot be curtailed. Similarly if the rich countries don’t come to the rescue of the relatively poorer countries, the curse of inflation cannot be warded off.

If climate change is a global concern and all the leaders get together on this, and try to find out ways to take up the challenge, the problems posed by this pandemic are no less global. After all the economy can recover at a global level if the regional and country based economies are freed from the burden of post covid devastation.

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