Good roads ensure economic development

Good roads ensure economic development

If we have better roads all else would fall in line

When we talk development, our mind invariably imagines high end cities with sky scrapers, with dazzling markets, and sparkling shopping malls. Our idea of development is shaped by the modern day cities. We wish to see that our place also looked like a metro city. We often consider it as a leap when a fly over is constructed, a big government building is inaugurated, a sports or a cultural festival is held.

All these may be the markers of development, but what paves the way for long term, and a sustainable development, is the road connectivity. If we have better roads all else would fall in line.

Unfortunately, except for the upgraded highway, the roads in J&K don’t match the vision of development that is often talked about in the political, and administrative leadership. If anyone scans the news in our local media, people are found complaining about bad roads frequently. In fact the pictures of potholed roads are often seen in our newspapers and news portals. The question that is bound to be asked to the people at the helm is that why the condition of roads is so bad.

Why each year we have money stipulated for upkeep of existing roads, and laying of new roads, and we don’t find any substantial progress on ground. If development is the mantra at the highest political leadership why the basic, and the most fundamental, ingredient of this is not taken care of the way it should be. This is time that the question is presented to the government in a serious and meaningful way.

We must emphasise the importance of good roads, and ensure that due attention is paid to the upkeep of existing roads. If we have an efficient network of roads, the wheels of economic development will move smoothly. It is a global experience that once a place has good roads its economic infrastructure develops at a tremendous speed.

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