Govt jobs not for sale

Recruiting agencies must ensure implementation of the strict directions that are framed at the top
Image for representational purpose only. [Flickr]
Image for representational purpose only. [Flickr]

After the recent assurance by Chief Secretary Dr Ashok Kumar Mehta that government would not tolerate any wrongdoing in the selection process for jobs in the public sector, as merit is the only criterion for entering into government service, it is now hoped that those in the recruiting agencies will ensure that such clear cut directives from the top are implemented in letter and spirit.

Otherwise, they will have to face strict action. Nobody should be allowed to play with the future of the educated unemployed youth. Only a recruitment process based on merit is in the best interests of the youth and the government. Chief Secretary made it clear that government jobs are not for sale in Jammu and Kashmir. He said if there were wrongdoings in providing government jobs, the cases would go to the CBI for investigation.

His assurance came at a time when the unemployed educated youth were disappointed after a scandal in the recruitment process of police sub-inspectors. The government scrapped the selection list released by Service Selection Board ( SSB) and recommended a CBI probe. Another recruitment process for the posts of finance accounts assistant by SSB is also under scrutiny and aspirants are on roads demanding release of the list.

The government has stated that the process will not be scrapped if everything was found alright by a probe committee. But a strict action will be taken in case of irregularities. Before the scandal, SSB and Public Service Commission (PSC) were busy in recruitment process for various posts in several government departments.

The irregularities in the selection list of police sub-inspectors shocked the unemployed youth. The recruiting agencies must take all necessary measures so that any kind of irregularity does not re-occur. The youth are already worried due to growing unemployment. The government says it is providing the jobs.

While the government is providing the jobs, it is the duty of recruiting agencies that there are no irregularities and all set norms are followed and that no candidate gets undue favour at the cost of deserving candidates.

The recruiting agencies must also fill up all the vacant posts being referred by the government departments more particularly in the open merit quota. They should not send incomplete selection lists to the concerned departments. The recruiting agencies must fill up the left out seats without any delay so that no referred post lies vacant unnecessarily.

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