Hope is the key

Once in distress the capabilities of individuals to act and produce are lowered significantly
Hope is the key

Last couple of years have been very tough for global economies. The data that is available with us shows a steep decline in many economies around the world.

The levels to which businesses have sunk, though there are some exceptions, is very depressing. At a more diffused level we have seen how human societies, from an individual to a family, and then to smaller and bigger institutionalised effort, things are in a complete disarray. The individual incomes have come down drastically.

Many businesses at a lower level have got closed. Many business houses are at the verge of a closure. And this is a huge crisis that is only mounting. Though governments world over have infused money, as a special assistance and incentive, into financial spaces, but the crisis is far bigger than can be handled by these government initiatives alone. It needs time, and rotation of the wheel of economy at a full speed, and without disruption for a good period of time.

Till then we have to brave these challenges posed by this major disruption in economic activities. But what is to be dealt with urgently is the effect of this crisis on mental health. This is taking a toll on human lives, and in turn complicates the economic recovery.

Once in distress the capabilities of individuals to act and produce are lowered significantly. In these two years we have heard about many people who were achievers in their respective fields committing suicide. That goes on to show what any form of depression can do to a person. If such successful people can terminate their lives in such a way, it is not difficult to imagine the plight of a person deep in poverty, besieged by a crowd of worries.

If we cast a look at our own society, one gets deeply disturbed. One doesn't know where such a crisis can lead us to as a society. It is the need of the hour that the government and the society as a whole think of the initiatives that sustain the hope of people who are under stress right now. In a state of depression the only thing that opens up the door to recovery is hope.

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