Lack of heating arrangements

After the recent snowfall in several upper reaches and rains in plain areas, there is further drop in temperatures. Because of the changing weather conditions, cold has started tightening its grip. The people at their respective homes have begun making preparations to deal with the increasing cold. Winter related preparations are being made in this connection. These kind of measures are very important to get protected from the cold and avoid getting affected by cold related ailments also.

At the same time, there is an immediate need to provide heating arrangements in the hospitals and schools. Reports indicate that patients suffer due to the cold in absence of heating arrangements. Same is the case with the children in the schools. The heating arrangements must be made available not only in major hospitals only but at other health facilities as well.

The patients should not suffer because of the non-availability of the facility. Care needs to be taken particularly for the patients with cardiac, stroke, asthma, and chronic obstructive lung diseases. The process for making the heating arrangements must not fall prey to unnecessary delay. The process has to be speedily completed so that the arrangements are at place well in time.

Several hospitals have central heating system. The system has to be restarted without any delay. In other hospitals and health facilities, where such facility is not available other measures should be taken up. Even the attendants of the patients and medical staff should not face problems due to lack of heating arrangements. The drop in the mercury level is affecting children in schools. The heating arrangement has to be there in all the government and private schools.

The children in the schools in upper reaches must not be made to shiver in the cold. They should get the heating facility in classrooms at the earliest. There are several schools, where the buildings are not in a good shape. Necessary repairs of the damaged doors, windows and glass panes have to be made to minimise the intensity of the cold in the classrooms.

The concerned government officials must gear up and take necessary steps so that timely heating arrangements are provided in the government hospitals and government schools. Regarding private hospitals and private schools the respective managements must take steps for making the facility available.

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