Making a mark

For any society the only path to a brighter future is excellence in education
Making a mark

It is always a matter of pride for parents if their children perform well, and emerge as achievers. The achievers, in any field, are not only parents' pride, but a collective asset. They contribute to the society by setting examples of excellence.

These are the people who set new trends among people, and raise the standards of performance in their respective fields. The case in point is the latest result of the Union Civil Service exams.

The young boys who made it to the list are sure to influence their friends and peers. Their success will never remain confined to them alone. The effects of their success will not be limited to their families. It is bound to create an atmosphere of competition in the vicinity, and would sure give us some more successes in the years to come.

Some years back we would hardly come across a candidate who cracked this high prestige exams from J&K, especially Kashmir valley. But an example or two, and now we have a good number of students taking these exams seriously and making it to the list.

In our educational institutions we must encourage students to prepare for these exams well in advance. Our students need to be oriented from an early age for competitive courses. Not just this, there are global institutions of excellence in various fields in different countries, especially in the developed world.

Our schools and colleges need to conduct orientation programmes so that our students start moving out for prestigious course. If others can do it, our students are no way less intelligent not to make to these globally acclaimed universities.

The only thing that is needed is an infusion of the relevant information, and necessary orientation, into our student community. If we start doing it, its results will start accumulating in the years to come. And for any society the only path to a brighter future is excellence in education.

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