More spaces needed

Just visit any hospital and see how difficult it is to park a car
More spaces needed

There is no end to the growing number of vehicles on our roads. The rate at which these numbers are growing is simply maddening. That is the reason our roads, though we have widened them, and also added new routes to the overall network, are proving insufficient. The result is in front of us all. We have long jams, especially on peak hours. This is so agonising for the people.

It results in wastage of time, and also contributes to the rising stress levels. Since no scientific study on the effects of these traffic jams has been conducted, we really don’t know how much it costs us on a collective level. Now we can not have a road widened, or lay a new road, or build a fly over, overnight.

It means the existing infrastructure has to be managed very efficiently to ensure smooth flow of traffic. One of the things that can help us in this is the better management of car parking spaces that are already available, and finding out more such spaces.

In absence of a viable car parking space we usually park our cars on roads, and this creates a mess. This mess can be observed not just on the roads, but in any public institution where people visit in good numbers. Just visit a hospital and see how difficult it is to park a car, or drive a car out from the premises. Resultantly we have traffic congestion on the roads leading to a hospital.

The only way out is to manage the existing spaces very scientifically. To this end the government needs to build some good infrastructure at various places. We must have good parking spaces, managed scientifically, around all the major market places, in our hospitals, in our educational institutions, and other such public spaces.

Unfortunately we have seen that shopping malls come up, and private hospitals are built, but there is absolutely no arrangement for car parking. The concerned departments, and their officials, must take a serious review of this matter, and make it mandatory for the owners of such public spaces to put in place arrangements for car parking.

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