New research, fresh benefits

New research, fresh benefits

The swift changes in our lives today are all because of the speedy developments in science and technology. One of the expansive fields for scientists around the globe is horticulture.

We have seen huge strides in this segment of human activity as new research inputs are put to practice, and new technology is made use of by base level farmers. It is because of this that horticulture is changing fast, and economic output of our orchardists is significantly going higher than previous years.

For past some years we have seen an infusion of new varieties, and new forms of plantation in our orchards. This is changing the very nature of this activity. Something that could not have been envisaged some years back. Thanks to new inputs from around the world, where the emphasis on research is tremendous, Kashmir is substantially benefitting from new varieties and new hybrid breeds.

Now we have better yield, improved taste, more attractive colors, and an immensely rich variety of apple in our orchards. But while all this is happening, and framers are shifting from old patterns of apple growing to newer ones, there is need to educate our orchardists about how to market the produce. We have observed here that we normally don't match the global standards of packaging, transportation, and marketing. Some of the unscrupulous elements even resort to practices that bring a bad name to the entire farming community.

To build a reputation, and to make this sector formidable, there is need to sensitise people associated with this activity, at any level, about the demands of the market. It needs an institutional effort to carry out such a task. We do have government agencies who often undertake such educative programs, but that won't suffice.

People associated with this sector need to devote attention towards this facet and rope in professional to train, and educate orchardists. The benefits of the scientific inputs can be availed fully only if we develop an overall scientific temperament: from farming to packaging to transporting and finally selling.

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