Newer forms of earning

Newer forms of earning

Rather than wasting life after low paid jobs it is better to look for avenues that fit into natural and traditional resource base

No single filed of economic activity can be as big as to accommodate all our youth. The biggest employment provider that the government is cannot accommodate more than a percentage of people.

And even these spaces within the departments of the government are shrinking. In the routine forms of business the competition is getting more and more stiff.

The problems of money and market are not easy to face for the new entrants. The net effect of this all is that the opportunities of earning a decent living are becoming less and less.

And that is a huge challenge we are facing. In absence of decent employment opportunities there is a danger of our youth getting frustrated and this frustration giving birth to multiple societal problems. In fact it is already happening in our society.

The rising level of depression and stress is an indication of the same. There are many drug addiction cases that can be straight away related to this. Even the upward trend in the cases of suicide can be linked to it. In this situation it is extremely important to expand the pie and make more avenues available for our youth.

The good news is that there are good examples that are surfacing up in our society. Many youth have set up their businesses with less investment and are getting better returns. The areas like trout farming are providing good economic opportunities.

There are many youth who have set up trout farms and are earning good money. There are many areas in Kashmir that are suited for this activity, and our youth with very less investment, but a disciplined effort, can establish a good business.

There are other such activities also that our youth, particularly in villages can start with traditional resource base. If only right information, right technique, and right ideas are employed, we can have wonderful businesses set up in in many of our areas where youth are usually seen striving all their life for low paid jobs.

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