On Wild Life

For decades now we have been sensitised on the dangers posed to wild life, and also on how to counter those dangers
On Wild Life

Wild life is now a huge professional filed. We have sciences and arts that are focussed on this field, and we have thousands of professionals who have made name through this filed of art, science and overall exploration.

To highlight, and popularise, this world of wild we have many dedicated global TV channels, research magazines, and a number of organisations working in many parts of the world. ٖ

For decades now we have been sensitised on the dangers posed to wild life, and how to counter those dangers. The unease that the scientists and researchers in the field feel over the extinction of any species speaks of a deep bond between humans and the wild life. That brings us to the point that life cannot be divided into human, wild, flora, fauna, celestial, terrestrial, and aquatic.

There is a fundamental unity that runs through every kind of life. That is the reason that if we disturb life in any form, anywhere on the planet, its negative effects reach everywhere; they don't spare us humans too. Hence the concept of life being a unit gained ground.

Now we have full fledged institutions of governance that take care of wild life. We have National Parks everywhere that ensure that all forms of life are preserved. We have special weeks, and special days being celebrated to highlight the problems of wild life.

In Kashmir too we have a rich wild life. Just some days back we heard the government say that special emphasis will be laid on wild life, so that the threats are warded of, and the life in the wild thrives.

The special life forms in Kashmir, the most known being Hangul, deserve preservation. We must do whatever needs to be done in order to accomplish the task of a safe and secure wild life.

The departments that are tasked with preserving the wild life and conducting research into the threats posed to it, need to get very serious about the preservation of wild life in J&K. We need to follow the best practice that are adopted anywhere in the world.

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