Poor drainage, filthy toilets, and the rats

It is a call for serious action on part of the hospital administration
Poor drainage, filthy toilets, and the rats
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Poor drainage, filthy toilets, and presence of rats - the image of highly important SMHS Hospital in Srinagar gets really tarnished. A bad impression gets created outside that if such is the condition of this prestigious hospital what can be the condition of other hospitals in the city and at district headquarters, towns, and villages. So, it does not paint a good picture of hospitals in the valley. The hospital administration must address these problems so that the patients and their attendants do not suffer. It is not that such problems are in SMHS Hospital only. Several other hospitals do have similar problems, and some of those having even more grave problems. These problems have not surfaced up all of a sudden.

The problems are there for long. Because of the callousness of the successive administrations in past, the problems were taken very lightly. If the problems were not taken seriously in past, those should be taken seriously now. Poor hygiene and lack of cleanliness can affect the patient-care also. Maintaining the hygiene always helps in preventing infections. The hospitals should not spread infection due to uncleanliness and poor hygiene. Most staff members meant to keep hospitals clean do their duty with sincerity, and their work gets noticed also.

If they were not doing their work, the condition of hospitals would have been very horrible. But lapses in duty by some others send wrong signals. They too must discharge their duties honestly, so that the overall atmosphere of cleanliness prevails. Most doctors and paramedical staff in the SMHS Hospital or other hospitals try their level best to provide better health-care to patients, and their good work is being appreciated by the patients and attendants.

While the patients get good care from medical staff, those associated with maintaining cleanliness in hospital must ensure that the patients should not face problems because of any carelessness on their part. The primary responsibility of keeping the hospitals clean is that of the hospital administration. The patients and their attendants should also ensure that the efforts of the authorities do not go wasted. It has been seen in several hospitals that some patients or attendants do not go by the norms to keep hospitals clean. They too have to change their approach for good.

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