Preparing for future

Our part of the world is definitely not so well placed to negotiate with this speed of change
Preparing for future

The changes in this world are happening at a speed never imagined before. Though change is a constant with human history, but the rate at which this world is changing now is not just amazing, it is maddening. It takes an effort to come to terms with this speed of change.

Our part of the world is definitely not so well placed to negotiate with this speed of change. The result of this is that we not only lag behind, but also get confused in the process. The only way we can ensure that we stay in the current phase of the changing world, and do not get off balance and fall, is to teach our children the up-to-date version of things. By merely copying some tech-trends we shouldn’t stay complacent that we are moving with the times.

The deeper changes that have taken place, and are now panning out in terms of economic, political, societal and technological shifts are to be understood by us all. In this process of understanding it is all the more important that our children catch up with the changes that have happened in past decades and are now getting reflected in the fast paced technological and economic drifts.

The only way to do this is to shape up the education of our children in a way that they develop the capacities to understand the times, and also make sense of the the changing trends in their own context.

Put simply, our schooling and higher education should equip our future generation to take on the challenges that are waiting them. It is not just the skill component; more important is to have a grasp over how this world works and how to excel in different fields.

That is the only way we can expect our future to stay safe, and our children to walk into the new territories very confidently. If we fail to educate and train our children, keeping in view the future changes, that will be preparing for a disaster.

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