Preparing for the new session

It would be better to use this pre winter vacation period as a trial duration
Preparing for the new session

What lies ahead for our school children as most of them have completed this session; this is something parents are keen to know. It has been a tough time for students, in many ways, ever since we were stuck by covid pandemic.

Up next would it be online or in person classes? As the schools finish their exam schedules and results for various classes are declared in the coming days, the time for another class is here. Since government has not taken any clear decision about the private schools in this regard, the management of these schools is not in a position to decide on the matter.

Whatever the case in future, our hopes are hinged on the declining trajectory of covid victims. Looking at the covid figures in last few months we can only expect a further dip in it. As the vaccination drive has succeeded in covering the majority of population, the spread of this disease is right now in a check. Sometime back we were warned by experts of a 3rd wave, and because of that no decision on opening up schools fully could be taken.

If the experts give some encouraging opinion on this matter now, the concerned departments can take a call on an incremental opening up of the schools. In that case there are some suggestions one can make. Since our session begins around November, and it is immediately followed by a long winter vacation, it would be better to use this pre winter vacation period as a trial period.

If the children are allowed to join schools just for a day or two in a week, it can act as a warm up for schools, and also allow the students to get adjusted afresh. Since primary classes have barely been to school, it would help them to acclimatise in the new environs. If all goes well, it would be easier for schools, and the concerned government departments, to take a decision on opening up the schools fully once the winter vacations are over. Also, in the beginning, the choice to join schools in person should rest with the parents.

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