Prolonged screen exposure

There is a need to restructure online class schedule taking into account some genuine concerns
Prolonged screen exposure

As there is no end to this pandemic, and the next variant of the virus is causing a fresh wave of worry, the online classes are bound to remain the only, or the major, medium of imparting education to our kids. Though there is no disagreement on the wonderful service that this alternative has rendered in carrying forward the academic sessions during this time of pandemic, but the negative impact of screen exposure is becoming a reason to worry. Since our school kids are bound to stand glued to screens for hours together every day, it is going to impact their eyes.

The concern was raised by many experts just after the online classes began to be conducted. The negative impact is not just confined to the eyes, but goes beyond that. From the very beginning many experts talked about the pernicious effects of the prolonged screen exposure.

The long term effects of the early exposure to the world of internet is also something to look into. But right now, it is important to underline that schools should ensure that online classes are held in a manner that students are exposed to screen for less time, and there are breaks in between.

The class schedule, and the over all scheme of finishing the content, should be such that students are made to focus more on text books rather than screens.

There is a need to restructure the online class schedule taking into account these concerns. The experts in the field, globally, can be consulted to make the necessary changes. What can also help schools in this regard is a decision by the concerned authorities in the government to allow occasional in-person classes.

If a weekly class can be held, with all covid protocol in place, students can be oriented for weekly home-studies. With that in-person orientation and guidance much of the screen time can be slashed. Till that happens, school managements should think of ways to reduce screen time, while ensuring that students complete the necessary portions of the syllabus. We all know it is a difficult situation, and any solutions can emerge only after deep thinking.

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