Promoting Sports

Sport is now an integral part of the lives of our children
Promoting Sports

Like every other human activity sports is now a domain of professional training, and a structured competition. Gone are the days when sport was considered just as a leisure activity, and children would engage in different sporting activities on their own. The parents would even try to keep children away from sports as they would consider it as waste of time, and something that would definitely impinge adversely on their studies.

Past decade has seen a tectonic shift in the understanding of sports. Sport is now an integral part of the lives of our children. Not only for the reasons of health and fitness, there are psychological reasons that our children should be engaged in various forms of sport. In this stress laden atmosphere the benefits of physical activities are immense. Particularly from past two years, as our children are confined to homes and there are no in-person classes, the importance of outdoor physical activities has increased manifold.

Looking at this scenario parents must make arrangements for children to engage in different sporting activities and ensure that children remain in a good physical and psychological state. The challenges that we are facing today in the face of social threats like drug addiction, can be curtailed if our children are involved in different games.

The adverse health effects because of sedentary life style, and an over exposure to screens, can also be minimized if sports is promoted in our respective spaces. To this end the responsibility of government is immense. The spaces that would usually serve as playing grounds in different localities have almost vanished. It is the duty of the government to identify new spaces and develop them as playing fields.

What can also be done is to avail the spaces in different schools and assist these schools, monetarily and otherwise, to develop them in a professional way. That would help the students of these schools to learn different games in a professional manner, and also compete at different levels within country and beyond.

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