Revisit the Preparedness

It is crucial for all of us to immediately turn on the safety mode
Revisit the Preparedness

As the new variant of the virus travels from one country to another, and is reportedly found in certain cases in India too, there is a definite reason for us to worry. This sense of worry can be palpably felt around, as people have once again started talking about the problem.

The optimism about the next year being a near normal time to resume all economic and societal activities is on a hold, if not crumbling. God forbid, if the new variant goes out of control, and curbs are again needed to be put in place, there are very less chances of any economic revival, that one would have expected in the next year. And that is really a bleak prospect.

To avoid such a scenario, it is crucial for all of us to immediately turn on the safety mode. At an individual level we should curtail our physical integration, and stay away from all gatherings. Even we should avoid unnecessary interactions and use digital mode instead. To whatever extent we can avoid close contact with fellow humans, we can minimise the chances of a crisis.

At the same time wearing a mask, when we move out, should not be considered just a matter of protocol. It should not be thought of only as a healthcare imperative. Beyond this, we should consider it as an ethical obligation. By not wearing a mask, and by freely intermingling with other people, we multiply the chances of the spread of this disease. And it simply means that we are putting the lives of others to peril, beginning with one’s own family.

For the concerned government agencies it is time to swiftly put all the things in place. In case there is an upsurge we should be able to manage it as quickly, and at as minimum costs of health and life, as is possible. Since we have been doing it for two years now, it should be more methodical, and more effective, this time around. Let us hope that there are no crisis, and this uptick in the covid cases is curtailed soon, but there is a need to be ready for any eventuality.

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