Scaling the heights

It is time to congratulate all the students who made it to the list
Scaling the heights

Today’s education is far more challenging than it was some decades ago. The fast paced world that we now have, changes come so swift that it leaves even the sharp minds dazed. It is this speed of change that our students have to confront. Similarly the level of competition is going up and up. There are now no chances for a mediocre student to achieve anything worthwhile. It is increasingly becoming competitive, and this competition is also becoming too technical, and too methodical. So, to make it to the list of successful candidates our students need to work hard, and master the art of performing in a competitive exams.

As the NEET results are out and J&K has got its own list of successful candidates, it is heartening to see a boy from Jammu topping the list. He is sure to stand as an inspiration for the students of J&K in future. It is time to congratulate all the students who made it to the list, especially the ones who came out with flying colours. But beyond that it is time to strike a discussion on what are the shortcomings in our students, generally speaking, that make them figure low in these competitive exams.

Although in the recent years students from Kashmir are figuring in the final lists of competitive exams, and there are boys who have made to top notch institutions, in India and abroad, but generally the number of students that make to these lists is lower than required; and also expected.

Normally our students would take refuge in the standing excuse of the situation prevalent in Kashmir, but that is a lame defence. Those who take up studies seriously are affected by nothing that happens outside. The problem is with the deteriorating standardises of hard work.

Our students are not so passionate about studies, and their stamina for competitive exams in not being built in schools. So it is time for schools to revise their ways of teaching, and enhance focus on creating exam oriented skills in the students. If our students are taught earlier in school years the art of hard-work, of method, of consistency, and their interest level is lifted up, there is no reason why more students from Kashmir cannot crack these exams.

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