Social Security Net

Like developed part of the world, we also need a fully fledged social security system
Social Security Net

The modern day life is encompassed by a system, and there is hardly anything that now can skip from the vigil and impact of the system. The grip of the system is now so strong that even the micro-detail of an individual's life is with the system.

The arrival of digital technology has further deepened this control over an individual.

All this means that we are now system-dependant. Leaving aside the theoretical debates over the pernicious impact of such a super-vigil, there is a very beneficial side to it, practically speaking.

We have seen how the public distribution system has become efficient and how corruption has stopped in the matters of distribution. Now we have the record, and now it goes to the deserving. With a little bit of fine tuning this system will become foolproof.

Likewise we have medical services getting digitised. If the hospital administration takes it little further we can save people from standing in queues, or even coming to hospitals in many cases.

In all this one can now expect from the system to take care of individuals who are in need, through digitally managed social security schemes. We have seen, in past some years many schemes have been rolled out that are aimed at providing health cover to the poorest of poor.

There are also some insurance schemes where an individual's family can be provide help in case the individual dies, or is permanently disabled. These are really commendable steps. But all this needs to be taken to a level where none is left out.

Like the developed part of the world, we also need to have a fully fledges social security system where the basic needs of all individuals are taken care of. In this regard what can act as a revolutionary step is the implementation of labour laws in private sector, in letter and spirit, and also upgradation of these laws time to time.

In the private sector we have seen that the salary structures doesn't match the basic needs. Apart from high end corporate sector the individuals working in private organisations are largely paid less, and in case of an emergency they are left to fend for themselves. What is immediately required is to cover the private sector employees through some schemes in case they face some emergency needs. And for this government also needs to ensure that the financial health of private companies remains good.

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