Taking it to next level

Taking it to next level

This world of ours would not have been what it is right now without the industrial revolution. The leap from agricultural world to industrial world is the story of our world.

It was no less than a miracle happening on planet earth. It changed us for all times to come. The second phase in this revolution came when the mankind discovered the whole new field of digital science.

The IT revolution is undoubtedly the second big leap after the industrial revolution. It took the industrial activities to a whole new level where the speed and precision is just mind boggling.

We are now into nanotechnology. We can now hit things with micro-precision. In this techno-industrial world if any economy has to progress, it cannot do so without promoting technology in its industrial sector. At the ‘Pan IIT-WOT 2021’, a global virtual technology summit organized by Pan IIT Alumni India, through virtual mode, the Lt Governor expressed his intent to “take industrial revolution to next level in J&K.” This, in the words of LG is aimed at “making investments today to maximize economic benefits in the future.” What is needed for taking the industrial revolution to next level was also made clear by the LG: “We are reforming government processes using technology, transforming skill sets of youth through modern centers of Innovation, Incubation, Invention, and Training.” Easing up the government processes is the first step in the direction of unleashing young energies into industrial sector.

What defeats even a young enthusiast is the discouraging attitude in the related offices. Rather than educating he new comers and doing some hand holding, those in the offices make it boring, difficult, and finally extinguish all enthusiasm in young entrepreneurs. If industrial activity has to pick up in J&K this attitude in the concerned offices must change. And nothing can change it as quickly, and as easily, as the introduction of technology.

If the information, registration, and other such work is made possible online, without the intervention of staff in these offices, we will experience a huge difference in coming years. Secondly, if the basic financial assistance is extended without asking for any guarantees, that too would have a huge impact on industrial sector.

And the most important is to create an encouraging atmosphere by opening up new areas of marketing for the young entrepreneurs. If these things happen no one can stop youth from taking the industrial sector to next level.

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