The monster is only growing

We must think of integrating character building, career education, and sports in our schools
The monster is only growing

It is eating into the very vitals of our society, and this is not just about a usual, stereotypical expression. The rising proportions of substance abuse in the younger lot is a matter of grave concern. It demands a through investigation into the factors contributing to this menacing problem. The time to stay in denial mood is long past.

True, that not long ago this was a problem that was almost non-existent in our society. But now it is a reality, and we must face it squarely. The latest report on the rise of cases, one again, presses the alarm button.

According to a GK report, nearly 7500 addiction cases were seen in 2020 at GMC Srinagar. But in 2021, and it is yet to be over, the number has risen to 13500. That means the number has almost doubled. The cases that are registered at places like GMC Srinagar provide a window into how things are waning or waxing.

The break up of the figure into district specific registration cases may throw more light on the geographical spread of the problem, but the central point is that the entire valley is facing this crisis. The question that stares us into the face is very practical.

What should be done to stop our future generations to be consumed by this evil. The first thing that comes to mind is to focus on the purposeful education of our students.

This education should not only build character of our children, but career too. We have seen how those who are left behind in matters related to career often fall prey to this evil.

That means our schools must integrate education and the earnability of our students. Second, we must provide our children open spaces where they can engage in physical activities. Promoting sports at school level can substantially contribute to channelling the energies of youngsters.

Our youngsters are power houses of energy. If they have no avenues to utilise their energies, the chances of substance abuse definitely increase. We must think of integrating character building, career education, and sports in our schools. It needs a new vision, and application of fresh methods in our schools.

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