These Tectonic Shifts

The result of all this would be death, hunger, and a lingered misery
These Tectonic Shifts

The world of global power politics never stays the same. It is a thing in a permanent flux. New ideas, new equations, new technologies, and new competitions – the global politics remains a battle ground among different players. In this contest the world keeps changing.

And these changes don't affect only the active players, but sweep the entire world. Even the most remote corners of the world are affected by what happens in the core competitive zone. When the world wars happened it was not the Axis and Alliance countries only that changed in the aftermath. The changes occurred the world over.

Similarly when the Soviet Russia broke down, and the bipolar world changed into a unipolar world, it was not just the USSR that witnessed change. The changes were global. We had changes in smaller countries of African continent, we had changes in Latin America, we saw South Asia changing. Likewise other regions of the world.

For past some years we are observing a new contest between global powers. The unipolar world that came into being after the breakdown of the USSR has now turned into a multipolar world. Now we have many alliances that are forming and the contest is only deepening.

The way this global rivalry is panning out there is a danger of everything turning upside down. The transnational institutions that came into existence after the two Great Wars, and negotiated the cold war between USA and USSR seem to be failing in resolving the emerging conflicts.

God forbid if any mishap happens it can result in a global catastrophe. The only way to avoid such a tragedy is to refurbish these transnational institutions and think of newer ways to resolve global conflicts.

We are still reeling under the impacts of Covid 19 that hit the entire world. If any military clash happens at a global level this would be impossible for the current systems to manage.

The result of all this would be death, hunger, and a lingered misery. The global leadership must get its act together, and desist from falling into the trap of narrow parochial ideas.

We must think in terms of universal brotherhood, and be concerned about the global population without any distinctions of national boundaries.

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