Thinking beyond customary

Our understanding of education, and our choice of disciplines need a radical shift
Thinking beyond customary

The academic calendar witnessed huge disturbances in the last two years because of the lockdown, and consequent closure of schools. Because of these disturbances the schedule for competitive exams was also hugely disturbed. Nevertheless, things are not going to stop.

The competitive are being held, and will eventually return to normal mode and frequency. Here in J&K our students are as much affected by this disruption as elsewhere, but this is time to ensure that they don't lose focus. In an unusual situation like the one we are passing through, there is a likelihood that students slacken a bit, and their focus on competitive exams does remain as sharp as it is needed.

It is here that the role of teachers and parents attains significance. It time for both, teachers and parents, to be around and ensure that the interest of our students remains at an optimal level. To achieve this end we need to update our knowledge about how to deal with children in this situation. Being harsh, and always finding fault with the children, is always counter productive. There are finer ways of getting into the lives of our children and making pleasant and productive interventions. At the same time there is a need to diversify, and expand the pool of choices. We are still stuck with medicine, followed by a seat in some engineering college.

While they are really good choices and our students must work hard to crack the relevant exams, there is need to acquaint our students with more choices. Of late we have seen that some of our young students have qualified international exams and are now joining global universities abroad. There are new frontiers for them to conquer.

And this provides all of us with a new possibility. Our schools and our parents should not miss it. If timely interventions are made, and schools become centres of new knowledge, we can have a different future for our children. Our chances, our choices, and our resources are very meagre when it comes to the customary pattern of education.

It is just not sufficient to take care of our needs in near future. We must look beyond, and move ahead. There is a world that is waiting for our new generation. Our understanding of education, and our choice of disciplines need a radical shift.

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