This biting cold

This cold spell disrupts our life in multiple ways
This biting cold

We are now into the core of winter. The 40 day long spell of intense cold has begun, and the night temperatures are now well below zero. The usual problems that we face during these days are known to us all for decades now. This cold spell disrupts our life in multiple ways. Our water pipes get frozen and that constitutes a grave problem. The moment it snows in this season we have some roads blocked and that throws populations into a terrible isolation.

The road surfaces turn icy and that poses a health hazard. And these are all usual difficulties that the people in Kashmir face during these days. What complicates it all is the absence of electricity for long hours. If only Kashmir had good power supply during winters, most of the problems could be fought easily. But that is still a far fetched dream.

This frosty period is most dangerous from health perspective. We encounter many health problems during this season, and that is something we should all be very mindful of. The department of health should issue special advisory for this season, so that the health problems related to this season are disallowed to consume human lives. It is the duty of this department to reach out to the population and update a common man’s knowledge about the dangers that this season poses to individual health.

A timely education about the health hazards that winter brings along can save many lives. Rather than waiting for the problems to happen, the department should take a proactive stand against the most common health problems that we face during this season.

Though we have seen that many health professionals use various mediums to convey important messages to the people that are very useful in this season, but there is need to educate public in a more structured manner. It should, in fact, be made part of public education. There should be year long mass sensitisation programmes where the related problems are discussed and people are made aware of how different health hazards can be kept at bay by taking little precautions.

The idea of community care and duty towards public health make it mandatory for the concerned officials to enhance public knowledge on how to defend against health hazards that such intense cold brings in its wake.

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