This truth really bites

It reflects a general apathy, where not even the lives of small children matter anything to anyone
This truth really bites
Mandir Bagh in the heart of city centre Lal Chowk is seen infested by stray dogs, Tuesday 21 Sept 2021.GK Photo

Once again this street menace bites us. A case of dog bite in Sopore just some days back cost us another life. Now the news story says that the cases of dog bites are a burden on health care system. That means the cases are in numbers and the department has not enough arrangements in place to tackle with a problem of this proportion.

This problem is interfering with the lives of the people here now for more than a decade. Among the most covered news are the stories about street dogs, dog bites, children mauled by dogs, deaths due to dog bites, methods suggested to address this menace time to time; it may cumulatively comprise a good percentage of the overall news produced by media here in over a decade. But still the problems persists. Not just persists but in some areas it has seen a spike.

The question that one fails to understand is that who owns the responsibility for the lives that were lost due to dog bites. If there is a certain legal framework that disallows the government to eliminate these dogs like it used to be done in the past, does it mean that there is no solution to this problem.

Does it mean that people will have to live with these problems. One wonders if a problem is so widespread, and so lethal, doesn't it warrant an urgent response from the government! If it threatens human life, and we have seen the picture of little children mauled by these dogs, doesn't is move any one in the government. Are we so desensitised.

In fact it speaks of the inefficiency that is so rampant in the concerned departments, and in the general structure of governance. Not just that it reflects a general apathy, where not even the lives of small children matter anything to anyone.

In this situation people are really left to fend for themselves. In case of street dogs people must come forward and ensure that no contributions are made to the factors that lead to growth and reproduction of these street dogs. After experiencing what the government has done all these years, that is the only hope.

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